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Traditional Chinese Medicine provides guiding principles for Chuan Spa journey

Auckland – 16 April 2009 ---The therapeutic wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the distinguishing feature of Chuan Spa and provides a unique point of difference to this five-star spa experience.

Chuan Spa is based on the principles of TCM which has a holistic approach to the human body and its therapies aim to achieve balance and relaxation to encourage wellness. The Chinese 5 Elements (Wu Xing) of wood, fire, earth, metal and water are an integral part of TCM as these elements make up aspects of the human body as well as our every day lives, and it is these which Chuan Spa aims to re-align through treatments.

According to TCM, wellbeing and vitality is further enhanced through the nurturing of the ‘three treasures’ which everyone possesses and include Jing - life force, Qi - vital energy and Shen - spirit.

TCM treatments and products are guided by the 5 Elements (Wu Xing), Yin and Yang (e.g the hot and cold experienced in the Tri-bathing Ritual with the ice experience and herbal steam room) and Jing Luo which is the body’s meridian system (energy channels throughout the body). According to TCM, at different times in our lives, these elements can shift and Chuan Spa is the journey taken to regain elemental balance and harmony.

In addition to the luxurious Chuan treatments such as massage, designed to balance and harmonise, Chuan Spa also offers Traditional Chinese Medicine consultations with Patrice Hardy a qualified TCM consultant. Specialist services such as Acupuncture, Cupping, Moxibustion and Traditional Chinese Medicine consultations and treatments will be performed by Patrice on whose background is as a theatre nurse in New Zealand before undertaking four years of extensive training in TCM, completed by one year of study in Nanjing, China.

Besides the traditional treatments, Ms Hardy will offer two treatments unique to Chuan Spa: The Ming Facial which combines 24 carat gold magnet meridian stimulation to reduce the appearance of fine lines, broken capillaries, pigmentation, rosacea, large pores and deep wrinkles, and Chuan Acupuncture Facial Renewal: A full body treatment to address today’s ‘ageing concerns’. Both treatments are customised to meet a client’s individual needs.

“TCM is keeping in line with current health and beauty trends as we look for holistic approaches to managing our health and well being,” says Ms Hardy.

“TCM gives integrity to Chuan Spa, as it underpins the journey that guests participate in while seeking to foster harmony in our bodies, by releasing Qi and aligning our meridian lines through massage and therapeutic treatment.”

Chuan Spa blends the best from the east and west with Thalgo the official partner for beauty treatments and products. In keeping with the Chuan flowing water focus, Thalgo products use essential elements from the sea such as algae. Algae forms the basis of Thalgo’s marine treatments and just one algae contains one thousand times more calcium and ten times more magnesium and copper than a land based plant.

Complimenting Chuan Spa is the new Health Club at The Langham providing state-of-the-art Techno Gym cardio equipment from Italy, featuring individual 15” LCD TV screens with iPod technology. It also includes a new line of strength machines from Techno Gym, free weights, Swiss ball resistance and a stretch area. The Health Club has personal trainers that can be booked by guests or Health Club Members for one-on-one training sessions. Membership to the Health Club facilities includes use of the 12.36 metre heated infinity pool, jacuzzi, herbal steam rooms, saunas, snail showers and his and hers locker and change rooms with vanity areas, complimentary towel service and hair dryers between 6am – 10pm.

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