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Chuan Food & Beverage

Chuan Spa offers a menu of delicious salads, gourmet burgers, wood-fired pizza and club sandwiches made fresh, along with a range of beverages. Please place your order at the Spa Concierge.
Chuan Spa Selection of Teas
Relax with the elemental or traditional tea of your choice.

Five Elements Teas

Chamomile Tea (Wood Element)
Properties/Benefits: clears toxins, reduces inflammation, promotes tissue repair, alleviates headaches, relaxes nerves, calms the mind, eases tension.

Ginseng Oolong (Fire Element)
Properties/Benefits: stimulates blood circulation, refreshes energy, regenerates stamina, rehydrates system, decreases tiredness.

Osmanthus Blossoms (Earth Element)
Properties/Benefits: warms the stomach, dispels cold, clears toxins, soothes mouth infections including teeth and gum problems.

Deluxe Iron Buddha (Metal Element)
Properties/Benefits: cooling properties, stimulates digestion, calms stressfulness.

Supreme Lung Ching (Water Element)
Properties/Benefits: quenches thirst, assists in digestion, aids in preventing high blood pressure, contains high level of antioxidants.

Traditional Teas

English Breakfast
England’s most popular tea, a full flavoured black tea.

Earl Grey
A rich, strong brew enhanced with oil of bergamot and offering a very unique and distinctive flavour.
Chuan Spa Juice Selection

Elemental juice shots (complimentary with your treatment)

Wood – Refresh
Apple, red grapes, lemon and lime with slices of fresh ginger in sparkling mineral water

Fire – Circulation
Beetroot, turnip and carrot

Earth – Healthy
Mango, orange, green apple and dried dates

Metal - Circulation
Beetroot, cucumber, carrot and Sichuan peppercorn

Water – Fluid Retention
Bean sprouts, cucumber, watermelon and a pinch of salt

Freshly squeezed juice